Natural Detox- Why Do We Need It?

by 3 Day Detox on October 13, 2011

Introduction to Natural Detox

Natural detox is something that a lot of people do to improve their health. Why is it important to detox on a regular basis, though? Let’s use an analogy to get a clear picture of why anyone would want to take the time to improve their health this way.

Dusting furniture, cleaning your home, and cleaning your car are all necessary. The body needs to be cleaned as well, and although taking a bath or shower will clean it on the outside, the inside still needs a thorough cleaning as well. This is especially important for those individuals whose daily diet includes hydrogenated oils and fats, white flour, exposure to any of the over 15,000 food chemicals within food that is processed, refined white sugar, diet foods, and medications.

There is a checklist of cues and symptoms that you may experience that could be an indicator that it is time for you to consider a natural detox program:

  •  Do you have less than two bowel movements daily?
  •  Do you consume sugar?
  •  Do you experience lethargy or fatigue?
  •  Do you have acid reflux or digestion issues after eating a meal?
  •  Do you feel foggy or groggy after eating?
  •  Do you feel gassy after eating?
  •  Do you experience headaches?


So what are the benefits of using a natural detox program? Detox is really about physical processes that release toxic substances from your body. Heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, mercury, and lead are all very complex detoxification processes.
The main organ systems for detoxification include lungs, blood, lymph, skin, gallbladder, kidneys, colon, and liver.

Natural Body DetoxLet’s face it, we live in a world where there is a lot of pollution and there are a lot of toxins. The organs of the body have to work extra hard to eliminate the increased toxins and waste. You could compare this to overworked factory workers who have to work fifteen hours a day with no break and for very little wages. Imagine these overworked employees also not being provided enough food. This is definitely going to affect their efficiency and work productivity. Eventually the productivity will decline. This will leave a lot of work to be finished.

The same principle applies to your own body. The usual mainstream diet in the West does not provide the organs of the body with quality nutrition in order to perform at their best. In addition, the mainstream diet causes the organ systems to work much harder than they naturally are designed to. That’s where natural detox comes in to the picture.

The main goal of natural detox programs involves:

  1.  Reduction of the amount of pollution and toxic waste material into your body, in order to reduce the hardship against the organs that are detoxifying.
  2.  Encourage correct eating, supplementation and nutrition in order to help your body system to correctly eliminate the toxic materials.

Downsides – Is Natural Detox Safe?

Before embarking on any natural detox program, you should consult your regular physician. Although detoxification can be completely natural and safe, there may be some physical conditions that need to be kept in mind. That’s why it is always safe to consult your doctor first and get a clean bill of health before starting any supplement or detox program.

Consumer Reviews on Natural Detox

One individual who wrote a review on a natural detox system was also a holistic health practitioner. She said that she has tried numerous detox systems. Some of them worked very well and some of them just didn’t seem to be high quality enough. She advises to really do research to find the right one.

She does say that since getting on a regular detox program, she has felt more alive, more energy and her mood has elevated. She has begun to go back to college and has even gotten a raise since advancing her skills. She contributes her increased energy and motivation to her regular natural detox program.


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