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Let’s be honest…

99% of the people on this planet want a flatter stomach!

Wouldn’t you agree?

I thought so. How about you…do you want a flatter stomach? Do you want to lose a few inches around your waist so you can fit into those skinny jeans?

Well I’m about to show you 2 simple (yet critical) steps to achieving this goal.

STEP #1 – Cleanse your colon

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis. We take them in from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the prescription medications we take.

These toxins and dangerous chemicals, along with the “typical” American diet lead to poor digestion, constipation, weight gain, low energy, headaches, and many other horrible human maladies, including…

The dreaded muffin top or tire around the waist!!!

Believe it or not, when your colon is clogged you are unable to evacuate any waste. Think of it like continuously piling up garbage bags in your house without the ability to take them outside or get rid of them!

As “toxic” waste builds up in your intestines, nasty micro-organisms like parasites and yeasts can begin to thrive.

These tiny creatures are alive, spew their toxins back into your body, and all too often they severely damage every cell in our bodies. In fact, according to the magazine, “National Geographic”…

Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history!

Imagine that!

But what do parasites and colon waste have to do with a bulging tummy?

Well, here are few things to consider.

FIRST, when your digestive system and colon health are compromised, you are more likely to get bloated and constipated. Both lead to a “bulging” of the abdomen.

SECOND, when your colon becomes a breeding ground for toxins and micro-organisms, these critters can then attach to your intestinal walls, causing inflammation, and eventually a widening of the intestinal pores.

This leads to a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome”. When this happens undigested food particles can more easily slip into the bloodstream (not a good thing), causing your immune system to mount a “defense-like” response.

And this is how many food allergies develop.

Overall, a clogged, unhealthy colon creates a more toxic and acidic body and this leads us to our 2nd step to flattening your stomach…

STEP #2 – Reduce the toxic load in your body

Toxins (from food or immovable colonic waste) circulate in your blood and eventually your body – as a defense mechanism – stores these toxins in your fat cells.

What most people don’t realize is that if you try to lose weight or that flabby stomach without purifying your body of its toxic overload, your efforts will fall short.


Because when you are toxic, your body MUST preserve it’s fat tissue in order to store excess toxins.

Only when you begin to naturally detoxify your body, thus reducing your toxic load, can your body begin to release unwanted fat from your body and your stomach.

These 2 steps to flattening your stomach are obviously intricately related. One leads to the other and unless you deal with both, getting that flat stomach will always be a pipe dream – not a reality.

Thankfully, there’s a safe, healthy, and very effective solution to accomplishing these natural detox cleansing objectives.

It’s called the Total Wellness Cleanse and if you’re still on the fence about how to get your new year started right, then it’s time to get off and take note of this program!

Plus, when you get started with this natural detox cleansing program before tomorrow (Thursday January 6, 2011) you will also SAVE $100 off the regular price.

The Total Wellness Cleanse has helped over 17,000 people around the world free their bodies of excess waste material, accumulated toxins, parasites, and more!

In doing so, the natural detox cleanse – developed by my good friend and holistic nutritionist Yuri Elkaim – has helped thousands of people shed years of stubborn belly fat as well as improving:

- constipation
- fatigue
- bloated belly and smelly gas
- irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- yeast infections

…and almost every other health complaint you can think of!

If you want a flat stomach (for life), then it starts by improving the health of your “insides”.

Thankfully, Yuri’s food-based natural detox cleanse not only keeps your colon clean, it also keeps all waste matter moving freely, efficiently and rapidly out of your body.

And the best part is that there are no pills or dangerous supplements to take. You don’t have to be near a bathroom all the time. And you don’t have to give yourself enemas or go for colonic irrigations either.

Yuri’s natural detox system is not only very gentle, it is highly effective and something you can follow (fairly easily) for a long time, since it is a food-based approach to purifying your body!

Get started today and SAVE 0 <———————– ends tomorrow.

Are you ready for a flatter stomach and to start feeling better than ever before?

P.S. Cleansing your colon (and your entire body for that matter) acts like a “reset switch”, restoring balance and proper function to your digestive system. With a clean healthy colon, bloating due to gas from delayed digestion goes away. Your stomach feels firmer and noticebly flatter.

You will also find that you have more energy. That’s because your body will more efficiently convert the food you eat into usable energy. Which means you can eat less to satisfy the calorie count you need each day. Ultimately, this leads to pretty easy weight loss!

Sounds pretty good to me – how about you?

Get the Total Wellness Cleanse and SAVE 0 <—————– don’t miss out!

Whole Body Cleanse

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A few years ago, Beyonce Knowles was preparing for her role in the hit movie, Dreamgirls.

She (or perhaps the studio) realized that makeup and wardrobe could only do so much to make her look “slimmer”.

So what did she do?

She did what millions of weight loss hopefuls do…

Look for an easy, quick fix.

Beyonce’s “drug of choice” was the Master Cleanse, which she followed for 14 days.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this “lemonade” cleanse, it consists of a concoction of fresh lime or lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water, that is consumed 6-12 times a day, along with an herbal laxative tea… taken twice a day, and no other food is consumed.


Sounds delicious and definitely a healthy, long-term natural detox approach to losing weight. Wouldn’t you agree?


Nonetheless, she needed a fast and dramatic way of losing weight. And that’s exactly what she got…

After just 14 days on the master cleanse she lost 20 lbs!

According to Yahoo News, Beyonce said the following:

“My nutritionist suggested the only way to do that [lose weight fast] was the [maple syrup diet] fast”.

Wow, sounds like a great nutritionist if you ask me.

But it gets even better as Beyonce told Oprah (while she was on her show doing her promo tour) that…

“I was cranky…People were eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts around me.”

And Beyonce added that…

“As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back! I was so happy to return to my regular eating patterns after ending the Master Cleanse.”

So let’s recap her brief cleansing experience:

1. Wants to lose weight,

2. Follows the master cleanse for 14 days,

3. Loses 20 lbs,

4. Stops the master cleanse and resumes previous eating habits,

5. Regains 20 lbs!

Now I understand Beyonce is a famous superstar but the reality is that she’s just a human being like you and I.

And unfortunately, so many people have been in the exact same boat as Beyonce – at least with regards to losing weight.

Have you ever lost weight only to see it come back faster than a boomerang?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people have.

But there are also millions of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off – for life!

So what’s the difference between the two groups?

Those who successfully lose weight eat healthy (most of the time) and exercise regularly.

Duh. Thanks for the news flash.

But how do you eat healthy “most of the time”?

Well, it helps if you can kick-start your weight loss journey and reset your body (and palette) with a healthy and sustainable nutrition-based cleanse.

Nothing like the master cleanse but rather a clean, whole-foods approach to natural detox and eliminating the garbage out of your diet (and your body) that you can maintain not for just 14 days but for months on end.

Yes, that’s right…

You can cleanse your body through food! In fact, that’s what your body prefers compared to liquid sugar fasts (like the master cleanse) or dangerous herbal laxatives.

And that’s why I am so excited to tell you about my friend – holistic nutritionist and cleansing expert, Yuri Elkaim – and his natural detox based cleanse called the Total Wellness Cleanse.

The Total Wellness Cleanse

In all honesty, I’ve never seen such a safe, effective, and comprehensive approach to cleansing. And the best part is that there’s no detox pills or supplements – you can lose weight, have more energy, have beautiful skin (and so much more) simply by following the natural detox nutrition principles laid out in his cleanse.

And to jump start 2011 and help you reach that slim and healthy body, Yuri is being incredibly generous by giving you $100 OFF the regular price of his Total Wellness Cleanse.

But this discount is only available until Thursday January 6, 2011. After that, the price of his program goes back up!

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to fit into your clothes, not feeling like “yourself”, and fed up with giving up on your weight loss resolutions, then this is the HOPE you so desperately need.

The Total Wellness Cleanse

I know you’ll make the right decision.

P.S. I just about forgot to tell you that Yuri is offering an awesome fast-action BONUS for getting started with the Total Wellness Cleanse TODAY – Monday January 3, 2011…

A complimentary VIP group coaching call with Yuri – the man himself – to take you step-by-step through his cleansing program. He’ll answer all your questions and more!

This is exciting stuff – don’t miss out! This VIP coaching call is only available to those who get started today.

The Total Wellness Cleanse

P.P.S. Don’t make the same mistake as Beyonce. You CAN lose 20 lbs in 14 days and actually keep it off. Here’s how…

The Total Wellness Cleanse

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